The Importance of Doing Nothing

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One of our family’s best-ever vacations was a trip to Alaska, a gift from my father-in-law three years ago, after I finished my oral examinations. Thanks to the generosity of friends, our family just returned from spending a few days at Galveston Beach with them. A cup of java with water in view soothes my soul better than a month of Sundays. What about you? How do you relax?

I blog monthly at the Geek Ambassador site, and my latest contribution addresses our need for rest: 

Most geeks I know, despite the stereotype that science and math nerds think only in abstract precepts, have an artsy side. We detect patterns others miss like peanuts triggering migraines. We create stuff like Velcro. And we think outside the table the box lies on.

Yet if we work too hard, laboring through the weekends and refusing to take that trip to the Grand …

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Complementarians on Women in Ministry: Diverse Images

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Synogogue - blindfolded woman in 13th century ivory set, Descent from the Cross.

Synogogue – blindfolded woman in 13th century ivory set, Descent from the Cross.

My Engage post this week: 

I read recently that when boards of directors have both male and female representation, they make better decisions. Doesn’t that sound consistent with Genesis 1:28? Not to everybody. Especially not those at the conservative end of the complementarian camp (and it is a very wide camp with a lot of difference inside).

The word “complementarian” gets underlined in red in a Word doc, because it’s a word people made up. And they did so to emphasize that men and women are complementary.

Some say “egalitarians [hereafter E’s] believe men and women have no gender differences and that complementarians [hereafter C’s] believe in the beautiful design of God for gender differences.” But honestly? That’s baloney. In terms of their view of the existence of gender differences, both camps believe men and women

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