New Film: New Life

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So I made a list of things I miss in a lot of movies these days. Many films have one or two of these elements, but why can’t I have them all? A story that makes me want to keep watching. Good acting. Realistic dialogue. Meaningful content. Solid cinematography. Realism that doesn’t constantly push the envelope of decency. The absence of clichés. Married people who actually love each other, even if they have imperfect relationships. Timeless themes. Racial diversity. Older people who aren’t portrayed as complete idiots. The absence not only of gratuitous violence and sex but also of gratuitous religion. I know—a tall order.

Still, it’s possible. I was delighted recently to find them all in a little gem that releases today, “New Life (Nouvelle Vie)” starring Erin Bethea and Adelaide actor Patrick Moore.

When a newcomer from overseas, Benjamin Morton, meets the little girl next …

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Why Study Church History?

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A few weeks ago, Dr. Glenn Kreider (we both teach at DTS) and I were in Austin talking with Jennie Allen, founder of IF:Gathering, to film segments included in the new study they are offering—Anno Domini or “AD.” AD focuses on the Book of Acts and what followed—the 2,000-year history of the church, the bride of Christ. You can sign up for the free 8-week course.

Below I spend about 30 seconds talking about why I encourage people to study this topic:

The following video lasts about five minutes, and we talk more in depth about the value of understanding our history.  This is the intro to lesson one.

I hope you’ll consider joining in. Click here and scroll down to get started and read the encouraging responses to this video.…

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