Domestic Abuse and the Church: 7 Ways to Help

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Kathryn* was a close friend. We met at church and spent hours ministering together. But she seemed guarded whenever the subject of her marriage came up. My husband and I knew her husband; we attended church together. And we sometimes shared meals with them. He baked me a cake once when I miscarried—he could be so kind. But he also sometimes made lewd comments that made me wonder if he had a porn addiction. Eventually Kathryn confided that her husband often raged at her and spewed abusive speech, and that he had dragged her across the room by her hair. Another time, he barred the door to keep her from leaving.

When Kathryn got pregnant with their second child, the abuse escalated. (One in six abused women reports that her partner first abused her during pregnancy, and according to the CDC, at least 4 to 8 percent of pregnant women …

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I Wish My Church Knew…

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Recently Her.meneutics asked people to enter a summer writing contest addressing what they wished their church knew. More than 150 women with ages ranging from 16 to 70+ responded from across the world. Here is the list of topics they submitted. 

“I wish my church knew . . .”

the pain of miscarriage
the importance of female pastors as role models
that we don’t have all the answers
that singles need ministry too
that we can learn something from the LGBT community
the demands of women who work
the pervasiveness of mental illness
to teach us how to argue
the forgotten power of reciting the psalms
to stop looking for the next big thing
the needs of rural women
what it’s like to be an evangelical introvert
how to talk about addiction
the ministry opportunities for adults with disabilities
how to make disciples out of senior citizens
what it’s really …

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