Books that Christian Leaders Say Should Be Written

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In a December survey, U.S. evangelical leaders listed topics for books they would want to be published in the next two years. The topics primarily focused on mission, social action and evangelism. One fourth of evangelical leaders suggested book topics about living biblically in an increasingly pluralistic society, according to the December Evangelical Leaders Survey.

“The proposed book topics speak to the challenges and opportunities evangelicals will face in coming years,” said Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). “Many are concerned with how we will continue to engage in a culture that some feel is increasingly hostile to biblical Christianity.”

One leader provided the title, “Living for Jesus in Modern Babylon.” Another leader suggested a book on “honoring Christian consciousness while living in community with a world of pluralistic values.” One nonprofit executive recommended a book about the implications of a more pluralistic society on the …

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Jesus and Sexism

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My post on Jesus and Sexism that ran this week on the Engage blog at

Do you believe God made male and female different? Me, too (Gen. 1:27).

Does it concern you when people turn gender differences into essentialism, saying stuff like “God made women to nurture and men to do the thinking,” and call such binary thinking “biblical”? Me, too. (1 Thess 2:7; Luke 2:19).

Does it frustrate you when people say God made it a women’s role (as opposed to a man’s) to cook and serve food (Gen. 25:29; John 21:9–12; Acts 6:2–3)? Me, too.

Does it bug you when you see a speaker lineup for a Christian conference that leaves out minorities, including marriage conferences where only men teach? Me, too. (1 Cor. 11:11; 12:22; Titus 2:3).

Does it trouble you when people …

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The Pornography Phenomenon: New Survey on Americans

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By Dan Wooding, Founder of the ASSIST News Service (ANS)

NEW YORK, NY (ANS) – In the most comprehensive, ground-breaking, in-depth and wide-ranging study to date on pornography among the American population and the church, research reveals a younger exposure to pornography, increased desensitization, and an escalating usage of pornography.

Main porn addiction

According to a news release from Worldlink Media, these results are particularly evident among teens and young adults, who are watching porn and seeking it out more than any other generation.

“Pornography violates all relational values between the individual and self, the individual and society, the unity of our families and our moral fabric and fiber as a nation,” Josh McDowell said. “When we objectify and demean life by removing the sanctity of the human person, our future is at risk.” Key findings in the study are as follows:

Porn: teens and young adults

  • Twice as many
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