The Beauty of Books

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Why does our society still value books so highly? Why do we love and respect them so? We know why. Tweets and Vines have their place, but a book is a slower and deeper thing. Every book is an invitation to spend meaningful time alone with the person behind it—a storyteller you love, a mind you admire, a member of your family. Once you pick up that book, you have that person’s full attention, for as long as you choose to spend in his or her company. In our distracted world, that’s worth a great deal. —Joel Segel, Publishers Weekly,

“Enduring Value,” Jan 30, 2015…

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Am I Leading without Jesus?

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While I’m in Africa, I’m happy to bring you a guest post from Peter Scazzero, author of The Emotionally Health Leader:

The Emotionally Healthy Leader
It is possible to build a church, an organization, or a team by relying only on our gifts, talents, and experience. We can serve Christ in our own energy and wisdom. We can expand a ministry or a business without thinking much of Jesus or relying on him in the process. We can boldly preach truths we don’t live.

I was in my early years as a Christian when I first came to grips with the sad truth that God appeared to use prominent Christian leaders whose relationship with Jesus was either nonexistent or seriously under-developed. It was a discovery that left me confused and disoriented. Yet, after decades in ministry, I am no longer so confused. Why? Because I have experienced to some degree what it’s like to …

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A Summer of Travel

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A rainy day in Burano, an island near Venice, Italy, meant perfect puddles for at least on Italian.

A rainy day in Burano, an island near Venice, Italy, meant perfect puddles for at least one Italian.

Back in 2008, when my husband was considering the offer by East-West Ministries (E-W) to change from a legal-administration career to serve as their East Africa field leader, I had one main reservation: I would not get to travel any more. I feared we would not be able to afford airfare.

By the end of that year, I prayed, “Enough! Dear God, just one month in my own bed, please!”

That was seven years ago, and it was the last summer I stepped on African soil. So today I’m scheduled to return to Kenya. The plan is for me to have a travel and a rest day with my guy, then meet some of the nationals with whom he works that I have never met. After that, I am to return to …

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