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www.upperroom.org/devozine (for youth by youth and adults)

Sample lede: Everything had gone wrong at school. I ran to my room as soon as I got home and sat there fuming. One little thing after another had gone wrong, and everything combined to make me hate the world. I was mad at most of my friends, my teachers, and my parents.


Sample lede: Most of us thrill to tales of people who reveal great character in the crunch moment. A man I know and highly admire was married to a woman with severe mental problems. Her illness caused her to frequently disappear for long periods. In so doing she inadvertently made my friend’s life as difficult for him as anyone could imagine.

• Upper Room www.upperroom.org/pockets
Tapestry at Walk Thru the Bible  www.walkthru.org  (These run about 350 words.)
Another option: Web-only Christian Devotions
A sample from one of my students’ published submissions

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