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Writing How-To's

Write the Journal Article
1. Read three issues of the journal for which you wish to write so you become familiar with the style. Also, verify that your subject has not recently been covered. Reading back issues will also help you familiarize yourself with the “hot” topics and “comments to avoid” that might detract from your main point.

Keep Food on the Table: Write a Critical Review
Perhaps you’ve seen the Erasmus quote on a T-shirt: “When I get a little money I buy books; if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” One way to assure you’re well fed and clothed is to get the publisher to send you new books (and other products) so you’ll write critical reviews.

Ten Commandments for Writing Op-Eds
In her national bestseller, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, Anne Lamott notes, “You don’t always have to chop with the sword of truth. You can point with it, too.” One way to do so is by writing an op-ed. “Op-ed” means “opposite the editorial page,” which is generally where these commentaries on current events run.

Write Devotionals
Looking to write devotionals? Check out these markets…

Write a Letter to the Editor
Just starting out as a writer? A good place to start is by writing letters to the editor. Here’s a quick course on how…

Notes on Writing Poetry
Some magazines automatically reject rhymed, even if it’s good. (They call it a jingle.). Many classic poets unrhymed. 14-16th century English mostly rhymed.

Breaking into Publishing
I am interested in writing a book. How do I go about contacting a publisher? I suggest that you begin by going down to your local Half Price Books (or the equivalent) and see if you can find an old copy of one of the annual Writer’s Market books. You don’t need the most recent year.

Punctuation, Grammar, and Other Cures for Insomnia
Try to limit yourself to a maximum of two commas per sentence. After that, it gets confusing. Limiting the number of commas keeps you from saying too many things at one time. It also prevents overuse of adjectives. (Editors loathe overuse of adjectives and adverbs.)

Blog Interviews with Writers

My Thoughts on Gender

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We Talk Different is a podcast on culture, race, ethnicity, gender, politics, and theology. Recently my friend Jurrita and I were featured on the podcast talking about gender and faith and race. You can get the scoop at iTunes.

The “Chrisitanity and Gender” Edition – 3.14.17 – Part II The WTD team wraps up their conversation with Jur… 3/13/2017 Free View in iTunes
The “Christianity and Gender” Edition – 3.7.16 – Part I This week the WTD Team brings in the real intelle… 3/6/2017 Free View in iTunes
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An interview with a birth-mom who made an adoption plan: Christine Lindsay

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small-size-finding-sarah-finding-me-girl-1November is Adoption Awareness Month. So I’m featuring here an author who has a book that considers all sides of the adoption triad. 

SG: You are a reunited birth-mom—a woman who made an adoption plan for her baby who has met her biological child as an adult. Was the the day you met your birth-daughter a happy one?

Christine: Sadly, no. It was as painful as the day I said goodbye to Sarah as a three-day-old baby in 1979. In fact, more painful. At least on the former day, I was filled with faith that she and I would be reunited one day when she became an adult. For the next twenty years as she grew up as another couple’s child, I prayed for the time when I would see her again. But on that day, Sarah’s mom and dad were extremely upset by my desire to meet the now-adult …

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