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Writing is my first love. But travel is a close second.
Amalfi Coast, Italy, 2014

Writing is my first love. And I have a passion to help others to excel at writing. But that passion can keep me from actually writing. That’s why I’m providing some writing resources here for free. I desire to help writers find a broader audience for their work in the world of publishing. I see doing so as a form of discipleship. If I can help others connect with audiences I could never reach, I increase the borders of my own influence. Doing so allows us together to reach into places via the written word that we might never even be allowed in person, making resources available to those in need.

Lecture Notes On Writing

From the Editor’s Desk
Often people ask me to speak about writing for publication. Below you’ll find my best tips.

Write To Expand Your Influence
Writing is like laying bricks—masonry. It’s not magic. One is not born with “the gift.” It takes hard work. Most of writing is rewriting.

Sandra Interviewed about Writing
Sandra Glahn, PhD, is a professor in the Media and Worship program at Dallas Theological Seminary, where she edits the award-winning magazine Kindred Spirit. She is the author or coauthor more than twenty books.

Watch Lectures on Writing
Unlike poetry, prose and fiction, academic writing has its own set of parameters and challenges. In this lecture delivered at DTS, I share tips and techniques.

Increase Your Net Worth
English is the most-used language in the world for people with access to the Internet. That’s great news for us, because you know this language! English is the language of…science, commerce, diplomacy, travel, most theological resources. And your knowledge of the language gives you the potential for incredible influence. Two billion people are learning English, including people in “closed” countries such as China. And not only do you know English.

Using Fiction Techniques
But why tell stories instead of simply giving detailed explanations? Salman Rushdie said this about “story”: “In a free society, people are free to tell and interpret their own stories. Tyranny is when other people have the right to censure or kill the storytellers who get out of line. We are, as human beings, storytelling animals. We are the only creature on the earth that tells itself stories in order to understand what it is and what its life means. Therefore the story is of unusual importance to us, whether we are writers or not. It is something unusually important to human nature.”

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