The True Beauty of Women

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Whatever is true…think on these things.

The Thai branch of a Japanese lingerie company, Wacoal, doesn’t feature scantily clad models in their ads. Instead, they tell true stories with life-affirming messages that everyone can watch and appreciate. The ads emphasize women’s true beauty. And the men in the stories are the kind of guys who appreciate goodness, and are not necessarily sexually involved with the women whom they admire and whose stories they tell. Check out the “My Beautiful Woman” ad campaign.

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Hillary’s Not the Only Woman to Make History

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UnknownWant a summer read that’s part adventure story, part biography, part introduction to biblical manuscripts, part historical drama, and part faith journey? If yes, check out Janet Soskice’s The Sisters of Sinai.

The main characters are identical twins Agnes and Margaret Smith of Scotland. Their travels lead, among other places, to St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai. There Agnes discovered one of the oldest manuscripts of the Gospels ever found.

The sisters’ staunch Presbyterian father, widowed shortly after their births in 1843, raised his girls as one might raise boys in the Victorian era—educated, physically active, and engaged in the life of the mind. And he kept a promise that whenever his daughters learned a language, he would take them to where that language was spoken. Because the twins loved to travel, early on they mastered French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Their deep interest in the Bible and its languages …

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Our Plans

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I voted yesterday—something women are still barred from doing in some countries. I might have felt underwhelmed by my options, but still, I got to vote. And I know it’ll mean I get called soon for jury duty. But that’s something else women sometimes still get barred from doing. So, bring it.

This week my hubby and I head to a country in the Middle East where women still can’t vote. Our plan: to spend two nights there with friends. Then on to Africa for a couple weeks of ministry. That includes a few nights in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where my brother-in-law and his wife have been living since January, having recently relocated there to help disciple a wonderful and growing team of nationals. Never been to Ethiopia. Looking forward to it. Except…they said to bring mosquito repellant?

From Addis Ababa, we head to Kenya via Nairobi to Mt. …

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