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Vindicating the Vixens

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On March 23 at DTS, I moderated a panel discussion with Dr. Glenn Kreider, Sarah Bowler, Sharifa Stevens, Dr. Timothy Ralston, and Karla Zazueta about women in the Bible whom we have either vilified or marginalized. Vindicating the Vixens (Kregel Academic, forthcoming) is the result of a diverse team of 16 male and female theologians who’ve partnered to take a second look at vilified and marginalized women in the Bible, and we got some of the contributors in Dallas together to talk about our findings. The church has often viewed women’s stories through sexist eyes, resulting in a range of distortions. In this panel discussion, three of us DTS profs and three graduates talk about the women we explored.

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Samaritan Woman: Stay Away from Me?

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My Tapestry post for the week: 

received a question this week from a former student, Vernita, about the
Samaritan woman, whose story John records in the fourth chapter of his Gospel.

I’m looking for any credible historical data to support the statements I’ve
read in some commentaries which suggest the Samaritan woman was an outcast in
her society and came to the well later in the day than most women in order to
avoid the scorn of that crowd. Are you aware of any writings that specifically
and definitively state that, or would that be speculation based on what we know
about that society?
English translations tell us, “It was about noon” (Jn.
). The Greek says it was the sixth hour. Some take that to mean
from midnight—that is, 6 a.m. But because John elsewhere gives the time of
Jesus’s death as being about …
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