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women and the Bible

The Bible: Women Are More Present Than We Might Think

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Recently, I heard from a woman who said that since about the age of 12 years, she has attended church weekly, sometimes multiple times a week. Yet in all those years, she heard little teaching that features, highlights, or affirms women. She said, “From a very early point in my journey I would consider whether words like ‘he,’ ‘men’ or ‘disciple’ were intended for everyone or just males. In many instances during my studies, I would replace those words with ‘she’ or ‘women’ in my notes, because it made it feel more personal and applicable to me as a woman. Still, I have pretty much always felt like an outsider or like there was something wrong with me…. I have often felt like the church was the most repressive institution for me as a woman, and I do not think that could possibly be Jesus’s intent, given the way he interacted with …

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Is Peter Insulting Women? Part 2

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Weeks ago I wrote part one of this series, exploring
the question of whether the apostle Peter was a misogynist.
Here’s the second and final installment: 
In the apostle Peter’s first epistle
he writes some words that can trip up the twenty-first-century reader. Both his
instruction to wives and to husbands can make us say, “Whoa! What?” After
telling wives to have gentle, quiet spirits, Peter adds an example: “Sarah
obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, and you have become her children if you do
what is right without being frightened by any fear (1 Pet. 3:1–6). He goes on to tell the husbands
to live with their wives “according to knowledge” because—and here’s the
kicker—she is the “weaker vessel” (v. 7).
Are today’s wives to call their
husbands “master”? Are women “less” than men? Is that what the Bible teaches?
No way.
First, by describing the godly woman
as having a “gentle, quiet
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