Help Yourself to Mental Health

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Carrying a lot of stress? There are lots of ways you can help yourself cope.

Tell yourself the truth. Treat yourself with the same grace you would extend to others. If you make an error, instead of berating yourself, replace, “I’m an idiot,” with “Oops. I took a wrong turn.”

Confess. Quit living with guilt. Acknowledge sin to God and apologize to people you’ve wronged. Make appropriate reparations.

Care for your body. Take walks, jog, hit the gym. Physical health and aerobic exercise have a direct effect on mental health.

Snack on veggies. Good nutrition affects physical health and outlook, too. So replace chips and sour cream dip with crackers and hummus.

Sleep. Get to bed on time and transition off technology well before you need to be falling asleep.

Get regular check-ups. See a doctor for hormone and mood checks and to monitor health conditions.

Live in community. …

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Work Smarter

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 A 2006 survey found that the main causes of
stress in respondents’ lives broke down as follows:

·           46% workload
·           28% personal issues
·           20% juggling work/personal lives
·             6% other
·        That’s
more than half of the stress connected in some way with work. And according to
the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, health care
expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of
·       What
can we do to cut work-related stress?
·        *  Have clear expectations. This requires
communicating—like emailing a meeting summary to say, “Here’s what I think you
expect from me based on our discussion. Do I understand correctly?”
·         *   Limit work hours. Whether you work
eight, nine, or twelve hours, the work will keep accumulating. Take your lunch
break, holidays, and an
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