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5 Trends in the Self-Publishing Book Market

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I just finished teaching a week-long course in self-publishing for ministry. As I teach it every year, I watch for trends, and here’s what stuck out this year: 

  • The continuing rise of audio. As demand continues for audiobooks, it also gets ever easier to produce audio versions. Writer’s Digest says “Audiobooks are the fastest growing format in publishing.” By 2027, projected income is in the billions. Creating an audio version of your book means more listeners, from commuters back on the road to parents scrubbing floors needing free hands to the visually impaired. Podcasts are up; so are audio books.
  • More iterations. We used to think of self-publishing in terms of either print-heavy e-books or stacks in the garage of print-heavy print books. Now we have gift books. Workbooks. Print-on-demand books. Books with black-and-white photos. Books with color photos. Audio books. And so many more…. And let’s not forget comic
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Should I Self-Publish?

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Despite having authored a stack of traditional books, I have twice engaged in self-publishing. With increasing frequency people ask me about self-publishing. So here I offer a few thoughts on the subject.

If you have a good book, can do self-marketing, and have access to a good cover/layout artists, and can pay a good editor, you might be a good candidate for self-publishing.

When might self-publishing work better than a traditional publisher?
• When the product you want to get out there is for a niche market.
• When you need to get product out there more quickly than the typical book production cycle would allow.

A writer I know got booked to be on a panel for a national radio show with about two months’ notice. No books on the market offered his particular point of view, which reflected the most recent research. So we drafted one, sent it …

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