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In this continuing series, guest blogger Toria helps us consider rape culture and how better to “do justice” for women. 

Victim-blaming and “slut-shaming” are two of the biggest aspects of rape culture, in my estimation, although victim-blaming holds more weight against female than male victims. “Why would anyone blame a victim for being raped?” you might ask. It’s an excellent question. The sad truth is that victim-blaming happens all the time when someone is beaten, assaulted or raped, especially if the victim is a woman.

“I would never do that!” you say. Did you know that it is possible to blame the victim for her assault without realizing it? When you ask a rape victim things like “Were you drinking?” “What were you wearing?” “What were you doing there by yourself?” or “Were you giving him mixed signals?” you are blaming the victim. Why? Because you are making excuses for

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Part 1: Rape Culture 101

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I met Toria, our guest blogger, via a podcast I recorded as a guest of Game On Girl. As part of that discussion we discussed “rape culture.” And that led to this series in which she helps us consider what rape culture is and what we can do about it. For a history of how we got here, check out this article. And now, Toria… 
“Rape culture.” These two words aren’t often thought of as going well together. Most people (sadly, not all) know that rape is a crime, and most associate culture with the arts, humanities, philosophy, and other intellectual and creative pursuits. Putting these two words together completely negates the positive connotation of culture. When you strip that away, what do you have? I will start to defining both “rape” and  “culture,” as “culture” has a huge number of definitions depending on whom you ask and
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A Podcast in Which I Spout Off about Feminism, Sexism, and Gender

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This week I was the guest of Game On Girl for their weekly podcast. And I would describe the experience as nothing short of a supreme blast. 
I first joined these women on episode 17, where hosts Dr. Regina McMenomy and Rhonda Oglesby and
I talked about the origins and evolution of gender stereotypes. We return to
the basics of feminism, revisiting the differences between sex and gender, a
common conflation we’ve all noticed recently. We discuss other topics including
sexism in mainstream media, harassment, and yes, M. Cyrus. I consider the question, “Is she giving woman a bad name?” 
I also joined the hosts as they wrapped up
the week talking about what they’re (we’re) reading, watching on TV, and what games
we’re playing.  

To listen, go here
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