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Bathsheba’s Story: How I changed my perspective

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Today we have a guest post from one of my former students, Sarah Bowler. I served as one of her thesis readers, and she did some brilliant work, a sampling of which you’ll find here: 
Bathsheba’s story captures our attention. Painters, such as Jean-Léon Gérôme or Rembrandt, have depicted her bathing provocatively. Actress Susan Hayword brought her story to life in the 1951 film “David and Bathsheba,” nominated for five Academy Awards. Authors speculate on her life in historical fiction works.
I’ve even stumbled across various forms of this social media meme (see photo).
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Notice the words “David had an affair,” a fairly common phrase. I thought little of it the first time I saw the meme, but when I conducted research for my thesis on Bathsheba, my perspective changed.
I started with the notion that Bathsheba tends to get a bad rap. I had always figured the details
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Part 17: Rape Culture: What Can We Do?

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In this series, guest blogger Toria has helped us consider rape culture and how better to “do justice” for women. Here she tells what we can do about rape culture. Warning: May contain explicit images, language, and/or triggers. 

In the month that it took me to write this series—I kept finding new things I needed to cover, and there are still several aspects that I didn’t even touch—I barely paid attention to this section, because it seemed like the hardest to write.
There is so much that needs to be done to fight rape culture, but thankfully, anyone can do them. Here are a few ideas:
•  Participate in or support slut-walks, protest marches that raise awareness. Slut-walks fight the idea that rape victims deserved their attacks because of what they were wearing and because of their sexual history. (Be aware that this mainly focuses on the victims who do …
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