Strengthen Your Marriage: Build a Safe Haven

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Today I’m happy to welcome guest blogger Dave Friese, the president of and a pastoral counselor at Restore and Rebuild Ministries.

Everyone goes into marriage wanting happiness. Our quest for a happy marriage will not be without its obstacles. And how we deal with the obstacles will determine the vitality of our marriage.

Marriage is to reflect the “oneness” relationship between Christ and the church. In his book, A Model for Marriage, pastor Tim Keller puts it this way, “Marriage serves as a sanctifying process as spouses strive for unity in the midst of their unique differences.” Unity in the midst of diversity—that’s a challenge.

To experience this unity we need to feel safe. How do we create an environment where we are free to open up and say what is really going on? Where we can say what we really think without fear of rejection? Where we …

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Survey: Vast Numbers of Christian Men Addicted to Porn and Having Affairs

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By Mark Ellis, Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS) — A national survey of Christian
men reveals that alarming numbers are using porn and engaging in sexual
The 2014 survey was commissioned by Proven Men Ministries
and conducted by Barna Group among adult men who identified themselves as
The statistics for Christian men between the ages of 18–30
are striking: Some 77% view pornography at least monthly; 36% view pornography
at least daily; and 32% admit their addiction to porn (another 12% think they
may be addicted).
The survey’s results for middle-aged Christian men (ages 31–49)
are no less disturbing: Some 64% view pornography at least monthly; and 18%
admit being addicted to pornography (another 8% think they may be).
Some 55% of married Christian men viewed porn at least
monthly, and 35% had a sexual affair while married, according to the Barna
“These statistics
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Movie Review: Moms’ Night Out

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“Moms’ Night Out,” starring Sarah Drew (“Grey’s Anatomy”) opens
tomorrow—right in time for Mother’s Day weekend.
Drew’s character, Allyson, and her two
friends—played with expert delivery by Logan White and Patricia Heaton—want
just one thing: a peaceful night out eating food off a menu while enjoying uninterrupted
adult conversation. But for that to happen the dads have to parent their kids
for three hours. And they are incapable of doing so without endangering their
The film is billed as a
“true-to-life comedy that celebrates the beautiful mess called parenting,” but most
viewers will see little in the parenting that feels “true to life.” For
starters, the husbands “babysit” (yes, they actually use that word) rather than“parent” while their wives go out.  And
the dads of small children in this film are so inept at fathering that they
don’t even know their families’ emergency contact numbers. Naturally, the fumbling
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