manhood and womanhood

Courage Is for Humans

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 Today was my day to
post over at Tapestry. Here’s what I wrote:
A class I teach includes an overview of women in church
history. In addition to reading accounts of women martyrs, students watch the
film “Iron Jawed Angels.” Most people don’t realize that Alice Paul, a key
leader in the fight for suffrage in the USA, was a Quaker.
Driven by her conviction that God made man and woman equal,
Alice Paul worked tirelessly for a constitutional amendment giving women the
vote. After viewing the film, one of my students wrote this to me: “All was well
until completing the reading for class today and seeing Iron Jawed Angels. The
movie had an enormous impact on me. I’ve realized that all throughout the last
few months the word that keeps coming up both within and outside of me is
She went on to say that she had
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