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Time and the Digital Now

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I returned late Saturday night from an overnight trip to Nashville (though my bag took a detour on Delta and stayed gone the entire weekend). Why Nashville? My agent, Chip MacGregor, gathers all his authors annually and provides us with an industry update. He also offers info about how to market our books. We authors cover our travel and lodging expenses, and he covers the conference room and the content. Last year, Chicago; this year, Nashville. It’s always a great time to network with his other authors. And Chip could be a stand-up comic, so the time passes quickly.

Before the Saturday conference, I spent Friday night with a husband-wife team with whom I have long shared the infertility journey. They picked me up from my hotel, and for the first time I was able to meet their four-year-old twins conceived via IVF. Yay! What a joy to see their …

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