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gender and faith

I’ve Been Talking…

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In the past few months I’ve taped a number of podcasts on a variety of topics. I also did a interview about writing with Christian Authors Network. Have a listen, watch or read. I’d love your feedback.


  1. Gender and Scripture

Beyond Ordinary Women podcast with Claudia McGuire

Available both by podcast and YouTube

2. Sexual Identity and Gender Identity  

Beyond Ordinary Women podcast with Kay Daigle

Available both by podcast and YouTube

3. Rethinking Purity Culture

Honestly Though podcast with Rebecca Carrell

4. On the Virgin Mary

Graced Though podcast with Christian Williams 

5. Leaning into Luke’s Gospel (in conjunction with launching Latte with Luke)

Honestly Though podcast with Rebecca Carrell 

6. The Story of Ancient Christian Art and Women in Ministry

The Alabaster Jar with Lynn Cohick 


with Christian Authors Network about writing. …

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The Magdalene: Mary from Magdala or Mary Tower?

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Who was Mary Magdalene? Because early New Testament manuscripts were more difficult to search than today’s books, Mary M. has at times been confused or combined with other Marys. “Mary” is a form of Miriam, the name of Moses’s sister, whom the Bible describes as a prophet and leader. 

Some have conflated Mary Magdalene with the sinful woman who anointed Jesus (Luke 7). Thus, Mary M. has been described in prose and depicted in art as a reformed prostitute. 

Others have suggested she had a romantic relationship with Jesus—or even married him!  

But the Scriptures suggest none of these things about her past. The actual details (given in Luke’s Gospel) are that Jesus cast out seven demons from Mary Magdalene, and she was among the healed women who traveled with Jesus and supported him from their own means (Luke 8:2–3). She went on to be an eyewitness …

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Why Don’t We See More Women in the Biblical Text?

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Recently, someone asked me why we don’t find more women in the Bible. Last time, I pointed to translation concerns that hide the presence of women. Today, I want us to consider that sometimes we miss the women who are actually named and featured.

Here’s a sampling from some of the earliest stories: 

* * *

Go back in time with me to the thirteenth century BC in Egypt. The king has issued an order to kill all boys born into bondage, because members of the slave class—your own people, descendants of Israel—have proliferated, and the ruling class fears an uprising. Born under the ban, you lie in a pitch-lined basket that your mother, Jochebed, crafted before floating you in the Nile. Soon, the king’s daughter finds you and raises you as her own. So, you get an education in the royal court of Egypt—some of the best academic training …

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