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Mini Update

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I know I have posted less stuff than usual in the past month. It’s my busiest season. I went from the EPA conference and DTS graduation to the Israel-trip reunion and our church’s last service to teaching summer school. Three weeks, all morning, every day. Creative writing. I love teaching it and the actual class hours feel like a mini Sabbath. We read to each other, critique, and create. But it does mean I do little else. After Friday, I return to the slower pace of magazine editing.

One of my interns, Kelly Stern, has some expertise in poetry–both knowledge of great poets and creation of her own works. So an added element in the class this summer is Kelly’s fifteen-minute daily intro to poetry. Donne. T. S. Eliot. George Herbert. And especially the Welsh Christian poets who wrote over 1,000 years ago. Great stuff.

A former DTS student owns

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