Earth Day

Care for the Earth

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The first Earth Day was observed on March 21, 1970. John McConnell, the son of a Christian evangelist, proposed a day to honor Earth and peace. He chose the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere for the first observance. Earth Day has only broadened in scope since then. A glance back at Genesis helps believers consider ways to live out God’s vision for human dominion:
* Swimming creatures. How well are we caring for the waters in which sea creatures swim? Are our fish-harvesting practices just?
* Flying creatures. How do we conserve the skies in which birds fly? Do we consider the fuels we use and toxins they emit? Are our poultry practices humane?
* Four-legged creatures. How well are we caring for fields, lakes, and marshes in which creatures find sustenance? Are our practices with animals humane?
* Seed-bearing plants and trees. How well do we
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Earth Day List

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What do you still need to do?
 1. Lower your thermostat in the winter, raise it in the summer. 
 2. Stop drinking bottled water and opt for a reusable bottle. 
 3. Check out your bathroom. Do you have low-flow faucets, showerheads,
and toilets?
 4. Start a compost pile.
 5. Buy/use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
 6. Turn off lights and electronics when you leave the room. Unplug
your cell phone charger from the  wall when not in use. Turn off energy strips
and surge protectors overnight.
 7. Car pool. Share the ride.
 8. Ride a bike.
 9. Walk, jog, or run.
10. Go to your local library or buy used books. Old is the new new.
11. Get off junk-mail lists.
12. Buy products that use recycled materials whenever possible.
13. If you use plastic grocery bags, reuse them as small trashcan
14. Bring your own bags to the grocery
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Earth day

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Most of us know what we need to move toward a more “green” lifestyle. But how? 

Heather suggests, “Reuse your bath towel for a few days. Let it dry between uses.” 

Rhonda says, “I wash and reuse Ziplock bags. I hate washing them, but I couldn’t believe how many of these bags I was throwing away. Also, get off of some of those catalog mailing lists using CatalogChoice.org. And try earth-friendly cleaning products. Charlie’s Soap works great. We’ve noticed that our pipes seem to drain better, too. Next, take your own shopping bags to the stores you frequent. Keep bags in the car for regulars.” She also adds, “Origins makeup will give you a free sample every time you bring your empty Origin’s packaging in for recycle.”

Here are more: 

• Lower your thermostat’s temp in the winter, raise it in the summer.
• Switch from plastic to metal for …

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