Kat Armstrong: The In-Between Place

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Today one of my favorite authors, Kat Armstrong, launches her latest book, The In-Between Place. Kat is a powerful voice in our generation. She’s an innovative ministry leader and sought-after communicator who holds a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and is the author of No More Holding Back and The In-Between Place. She and her husband, Aaron, have been married for eighteen years and live in Dallas, Texas, with their son, Caleb. They attend Dallas Bible Church, where Aaron serves as the lead pastor.

I read her most recent book, The In-Between Place, and wrote this endorsement: Sometimes a place in the Bible’s narrative becomes like a character with a voice of its own. Shechem/Sychar is such a place. Dinah was raped in Shechem, and Jesus met “the woman at the well” there. In Kat’s new book she takes readers to this city in Samaria and …

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How to Watch The Red Tent

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The Red Tent

Yes, The Red Tent is coming to television in a two-night mini-series on Lifetime TV. One hour before the series airs, some well-known Christian women talk about women of the Bible. If you want to gather some friends, or even turn this into a meaningful personal experience, a decent guide for thinking about The Red Tent is Women of Faith’s conversation guide

Genesis presents Dinah as the daughter of Jacob and Leah, and the sister of the
men who would become the twelve tribes of Israel, including the famous Joseph
of the “coat of many colors.” She was the lone daughter in a family with twelve
brothers and four mothers.
Dinah is briefly mentioned in Genesis (see chapter 34), but
her story ends abruptly, as the point of the Genesis text is to answer “How did
the twelve tribes come to be?” and not “Who were all the children
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