Kona with Jonah



In Kona with Jonah readers encounter the character of God and their own need to embrace radical forgiveness. In seeing God’s love for the murderous people of Nineveh—ancestors of modern-day Iraqis—readers come face to face with the One whose mercy extends to all.

In the eighth century B.C., Nineveh lay in the heart of the Assyrian empire. Its people entertained themselves by drawing graphic cartoons of violent acts. Their stomach for torture gave them a reputation as the world’s most barbarous people. And God sent Jonah, a prophet of Israel, to extend mercy to his enemies. But Jonah had a little problem with grace: He wanted it only for himself. Jonah’s dilemma helps us explore the character of God and the ramifications for all humans, including our fiercest opponents.

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Wire binding allows the book to lay flat.

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Four Weeks


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