Frappé with Philippians



Frappé with Philippians takes readers on a journey back to first-century Philippi, bringing them face-to-face with the Son of God who “emptied Himself” and unites them as a community. In this five-week study, present-day believers get a glimpse of the joy they can experience when the church is united with one focus: seeing humanity’s need and making known God’s solution in the person of Jesus Christ. In Paul’s epistle to his beloved spiritual family at Philippi—written with joy even as he sat imprisoned, abandoned, and facing possible execution—we see his desire to know Christ and make him known. And he longs for his friends to share that vision.

Frappé with Philippians is a five-week study designed for individual or group use that includes guided Bible study on weekdays and applicational devotionals on the weekends. Written for people on the go, the book focuses on the theme of Philippians: oneness of mind for the furtherance of the gospel.

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Wire binding allows the book to lay flat.

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Eight Weeks


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