Finally, a book that recognizes misunderstood biblical women as Kingdom builders rather than home-wreckers. What a joy to know teachers have a resource to exhort their congregations to be like Peter and Paul, and also like Tamar and Rahab. As each chapter vindicates another woman, God’s love for the marginalized and oppressed jumps off the pages reminding us that he welcomes men and women to pick up the hammer and get to work in the Missio Dei.

Nika Spaulding

Vindicating the Vixens is a monumentally important work in that it confronts the prevalent misinterpretations of some of the most critical women in Scripture. The faithful and meticulous research of Dr. Glahn and the contributing authors advances the powerful message of the book―of God’s passion for the marginalized, the misunderstood, and the outsider. This book will challenge the way you look at women, both those in the Bible and those you meet every day.

Paul Lanum

One of the most important tasks of the believer is to practice faithful exegesis of Scripture, to allow the text to speak for itself without inserting personal or cultural bias. Through the centuries, many women of the Bible have unfairly labeled, and thus, inaccurately taught. Drawing from faithful study, insight, and experience, the authors expose the errors passed down through the generations and bring to light this beautiful truth: The God of the Bible highly esteems and works through women. Let the Vixens be vindicated and the Word of God celebrated! I am so grateful for this book.

Rebecca Carrell

The biblical narrative provides an accurate description of gender. All human beings bear the imago Dei and enjoy the same God-given value and dignity. The Fall distorted the relationship of humanity with God and among all people regardless of their gender. The salvation and restoration that Christ brings to humanity makes no distinction between male or female and, in fact, destroys all human-made gender marginalization. For this reason, it becomes imperative to handle faithfully the biblical text in order to have an appropriate understanding of gender, sexuality, and marginalization. Sandra Glahn selected an important group of contributors who together portray a faithful description of key women in the Bible. This exceptional and relevant text fills an unfortunate gap created by distorted perspectives created by tradition and not from the Scriptures.

Octavio Javier Esqueda

I always love the stories of God's daughters in His storybook of His relentless love and pursuit of us. I especially love when the fuller stories open our eyes to surprising realities. In Vindicating the Vixens, Sandra Glahn has pulled together a treasure trove of those stories, written with careful theology, cultural comprehension and captivating narrative. I can name a few of my favorites―Eve, Ruth, Deborah, Mary Magdalene―but truly, I loved getting to know every one of these too-often maligned sisters better. And so will you, I'm sure

Judy Douglass

Vindicating the Vixens is a course correction for the Church―and an invaluable one at that. Chapter after chapter it redeems the reputation of many of the biblical women we’ve often misunderstood. In the process, it removes misunderstandings, misplaced convictions, and unintentional bias and in their place leaves a better sense of God's love and justice. Reassessing my forgone conclusions has never felt so valuable.

Kelsey Hency

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