Solomon Latte, a six-week study, explores the love poetry in Song of Solomon. Full of sensuous imagery, the ancient Hebrew Book of Canticles provides insight into God’s beautiful design for human sexuality. Group and personal questions are separated so no one in a group context shares more than is comfortable, yet everyone can benefit from group interaction to gain understanding of the text.

This and all of the Coffee Cup Bible Study books contain weekday Bible study questions, with weekend devotional thoughts for lighter reading. Designed for group or individual study.

Sandra Glahn serves up the richness of Song of Songs with depth of excellent scholarship and breadth of practical applications. With questions for both personal and group use, those who use Solomon Latte will come away with something for mind, body and spirit.

David & Renée Sanford, authors, How to Read Your Bible

Glahn’s insight into history, customs, language, and culture helped me to read through Song of Songs with an understanding like never before. I highly recommend all four of the Coffee Cup Bible Studies!


Of the Coffee Cup Bible Study series, Solomon Latte is the 'hottest.' This one also has more of Glahn’s excellent commentary. She has a real gift for putting culture into context.


For Further Study


  • has wonderful textual notes on Song of Songs.


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A companion for the Song of Songs study is, Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.

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