Imagine yourself having coffee with Jesus. What would you ask Him? What might He ask you? In this study we’ll consider his words in the Sermon on the Mount and explore how our righteousness can actually “exceed that of the scribes and the Pharisees.” Okay, actually, we’ll explore how Jesus set the bar so high that we see the key to entering the kingdom of heaven: realizing our deep need for grace and for someone else’s righteousness to be credited to our account. That’s the only way we get that kind of righteousness.

This six-week study, as well as all the other Coffee Cup studies, contains weekday Bible study questions and weekend devotionals for lighter reading. Designed for group or individual use.

Jesus’s teachings in the Sermon on the Mount can be tough to hear—and even more difficult to live out. In Mocha on the Mount,Sandra Glahn helps women think through the practicalities of kingdom living without neglecting the heart change that Jesus calls for. Highly recommended!

David & Renee Sanford, authors, How to Read Your Bible

Notes has wonderful textual notes on Sermon on the Mount. 

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