“They all did what was right in their own eyes.” Sound familiar? In the history of the nation of Israel, the period of the judges looked much like today. Okay, they didn’t have Internet porn and bio-terrorism threats. But they had the me-centered “I” mentality mastered—just like we do. This six-week study is chock full of exciting drama—from Deborah the Deliveress and tent-peg-wielding Jael to Samson’s Mother the Mute. And we have Ehud the Knifer and Samson the Seduced. Their stories inspire us to do what is right in God’s eyes, no matter what the cost.

Because Hannah’s story happened during the time of the judges, an overview of 1 Samuel 1 is also included.

From AMG. This and all the Coffee Cup Bible Studies books contain weekday Bible study questions with devotional thoughts for lighter weekend reading. Designed for group or individual study. Grab a few friends and get ready for a fun, exciting, faith-stretching discussion.

Java with the Judges author Sandra Glahn skillfully applies the lessons from Israel’s past to women today. If you have ever wondered what ancient biblical history has to do with your life, you’ll find that the principles and poignant questions presented here bring clarity.

David & Renee Sanford, authors, How to Read Your Bible

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