It all started with a women’s prayer group. Its members couldn’t have imagined the legacy they would leave! The church founded on their prayers supported the apostle to the Gentiles throughout his ministry and is the recipient of his warmest letter, what we know as the Book of Philippians.

In Paul’s epistle to his beloved spiritual family at Philippi—written with joy even as he sat imprisoned, abandoned, and facing possible execution—we see his desire to know Christ and make him known. And he longs for his friends to share that vision.

Frappé with Philippians is a five-week study designed for individual or group use that includes guided Bible study on weekdays and applicational devotionals on the weekends. Written for people on the go, the book focuses on the theme of Philippians: oneness of mind for the furtherance of the gospel.

I have searched my heart in many new ways and formed new relationships with some amazing women.

Melanie, Arkansas

I really like the spiral-bound format and the size of this study guide. And I love that this study encourages scripture memorization.

Stacey, Nevada

For Further Study



Visual Art

For an interesting historical look at life in the Roman Empire during the years when the New Testament was written, check out the thirteen-part BBC mini-series, “I Claudius,” starring Derek Jacobi. If your local library does not have it, ask for it through interlibrary loan. The book I, Claudius (as well as the sequel, Claudius, the God) by Robert Graves is outstanding, too.

Movies on the life of Paul (Can be rented or downloaded)

  • Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches (2004)  Explore the places traveled by the Apostle Paul and learn of his missionary journeys across the Anatolian region (told through reenactments).
  • Paul the Apostle (2000) Director Roger Young presents a dramatic television miniseries that recounts the life of Paul (Johannes Brandrup).
  • Great People of the Bible: The Apostle Paul (2003) This is the story of how the tenacious indefatigable Paul preached the word of Christ throughout the Roman world.
  • Paul: Apostle of Grace (1997) Pastor and educator Ron Kelly leads viewers on a journey that retraces the footsteps of the apostle Paul.
  • Time Machine: The Story of Paul the Apostle (2000) Via expert analysis, archival footage and a scholarly examination of the apostle Paul’s writings, this History Channel documentary (part of the “Time Machine” series) traces the life of the apostle.

Books on the life of Paul

  • If you love to read historical fiction, check out Walter Wangerin’s Paul: A NovelIt combines what we know about Saul/Paul and reintroduces him through several points of view: Priscilla, who meets him in Corinth; Barnabas, Timothy, and Titus, his companions; James and Peter, the “pillars” of the faith; and Seneca, the Roman writer, statesman, and adviser to Nero.
  • For a non-fiction biography of Paul, read Dr. Chuck Swindoll’s book, Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit.


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