The apostle Paul lived for several years in Ephesus, a port city in the wealthy capital of the Roman Empire’s province of Asia. From there he brought the good news of Jesus Christ to people in surrounding cities and towns. He mentored a cosmopolitan group of Jews and Gentiles from all over the world who believed in Jesus. An altercation over pagan religion required him to leave before he wanted to, but the people he loved remained in his heart and prayers.

In the first half of his letter to these believers and those in neighboring cities, Paul explains what it means to have a new identity in Christ. In the second half, he tells how to live in light of that new identity. Paul’s words continue to have great application for believers today. Knowing who we are—our identity in Christ—and what that means is essential to how we live.

Earl Grey with Ephesians is a six-week study that explores the answers Scripture provides for “Who am I” and “Why am I here?” as well as how to live in light of these great realities. Leader’s guide included.

Sandra Glahn's remarkable Coffee Cup Series! Glahn sets theological content into a conversational style for any reader to enjoy. Prepare yourself to be delighted yet challenged as you imbibe the truths of the scriptures addressed in this series.

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My favorite of the Coffee Cup series. I loved the background and history summaries…. Glahn does such a wonderful job with commentary. She has a real gift for putting culture into context. Her discussion on the power of women is compelling.… It is so helpful to have the biblical text printed in the study. I always have it with me.


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