The first three weeks take readers through the Book of Malachi itself. The final week, contributed by my former student, Malia Rodriguez, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and a writer with Insight for Living, looks at the four hundred “silent years” that separate the Old and New Testaments.

Chai with Malachi and all the Coffee Cup Bible Study books contain Monday-through-Friday Bible study questions, along with devotional thoughts for lighter reading on the weekends. Designed for group or individual study.

Sandra Glahn's remarkable Coffee Cup Series! Glahn sets theological content into a conversational style for any reader to enjoy. Prepare yourself to be delighted yet challenged as you imbibe the truths of the scriptures addressed in this series.

Comment from a Reader

My favorite of the Coffee Cup series. I loved the background and history summaries…. Glahn does such a wonderful job with commentary. She has a real gift for putting culture into context. Her discussion on the power of women is compelling.… It is so helpful to have the biblical text printed in the study. I always have it with me.


The historical information and biblical links to other passages kept me coming back… Who’d of thought all those stories about people with strange names could turn out to be so interesting and full of knowledge about our God!


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