Who does the Bible say Jesus is? Human? God? Both? Many have tried to rework His identity, insisting that He walked on ice, not water; that He was married to Mary Magdalene; that He was in cahoots with, not betrayed by, Judas; and that He didn’t take on human flesh—He was only a spirit. These ideas are nothing new—they’re simply old deceptions repackaged. First-century believers in Colossae had challenges of their own from those who held to early forms of Gnosticism. Through his letter to them, the apostle Paul helps the Colossians—and consequently us—to see Christ in His true glory as firstborn, as master, as Lord, and as God.

In Cappuccino with Colossians, a Coffee Cup Bible Study, you’ll encounter in the humble Son the God who created all things and through whom all things hold together—from the vastest galaxy to our very lives. This and each book in the series contains Monday-through-Friday Bible study questions along with application-oriented devotionals for lighter reading on the weekends. Designed for group or individual study, Cappuccino with the Colossians sets the stage for exciting, faith-stretching interaction with God’s Word—both the written one and the One made flesh.

If you need your flesh to be revived by your spirit, try this study and your hunger for the Word will naturally grow. You'll want so badly to read ahead, yet happily wait with anticipation of what is to come.

A reader in Georgia

My heart is more God's since studying Colossians. I am more joyful despite my circumstances. I'm thinking more thankfully.

a reader in Arkansas

For Further Study


  • Bible.org has wonderful audio messages, articles, and textual notes on Colossians  
  • Dr. Tom Constable, an emeritus Bible professor, has compiled extensive notes on the Book of Colossians. He makes them available online for free. You can access the .pdf file by following this link: Constable notes
  • Matthew Henry’s complete commentary on Colossians

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