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The Opera del Duomo di Orvieto (Orvieto Cathedral) in Orvieto, Italy, celebrates physicality, especially the human body, a distinctive mark of Christianity. The incarnation of Jesus Christ, the very act of God becoming flesh, celebrates the physical world that God created and pronounced “good” and “very good.”

Infertility & Pregnancy Loss

Infertility & Pregnancy Loss
Drawing on my decade-long struggle with infertility treatment and Dr. Cutrer’s more than twenty-five years of medical expertise, our coauthored books about infertility explore this spiritual, marital, emotional, medical, and ethic crisis.

Infertility Frequently Ask Questions
In English & Spanish
Are infertility and sterility the same thing?
Isn’t infertility really a woman’s problem problem?
Is infertility rare?

Adoption: The Language We Use Matters
When Alexandra—a dark-haired, eight-month-old, blue-eyed baby girl—entered our lives, she was a long-awaited daughter who joined our family through the miracle of adoption. We’ve never stopped celebrating.


“The purpose for God in marriage is that two become one.” Here you will find resources designed to help married couples develop intimacy in every area of their lives.


Non-fiction Books
You will find a common thread running through my non-fiction works. Each in some way draws on my thinking about what the Bible says about sex and the ramifications for marriage and reproduction. In a world in which Fifty Shades of Gray, human trafficking, and rape culture influence our thinking, we need course corrections that remind us of God’s purpose for sex: “knowing.”

Addressing Bioethics


Read the headlines or browse news stories these days and you’ll find all sorts of medically related topics. Cloning. Infertility. Test tube babies. Euthanasia. Stem cell research. Embryo adoption. Surrogacy. These are just a sampling, right? My journey through infertility and pregnancy loss has given me a front-row seat in some of the bioethics conversations—a seat I never would have pursued had my situation not demanded answers.

Why We Honor the Human Embryo
My family gathered after our holiday feast to play Balderdash, a game in which players make up definitions for infrequently used words. The made-up definitions are thrown in with the real one, and each player hopes the others will choose his or her “fake” as the right one. As is often true in our house, being clever ended up being more important than winning—invariably someone in each round proposed that the word in question referred to “humans whose DNA has been genetically engineered by extraterrestrials from a planet the size of one’s finger.”

Spiritual Life in the Body

How to Gripe in the Spirit
As a new Christian, I read guides that told me to pray using the acrostic “ACTS”: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. And years later when my husband and I experienced seven pregnancy losses and three failed adoptions, I found myself continually drawn to the psalms.

Quiet Presence
Offering comfort can be as much about what you don’t say as what you do.

Faith for Overcoming Obstacles
What in your life looks impossible? Learn how to face life’s most demanding circumstances with complete trust in God. My friend Valerie, a homemaker with four children, made an appointment to see her physician after experiencing dizzy spells. He ordered x-rays, and Valerie nearly passed out when she saw the pictures of the tumor in her brain. It was the size of an avocado.

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