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Lecture NotesAvailable In PDF Form

Rather than use handouts at speaking events and in classes, I prefer to direct people to my web site. Below you’ll find a variety of notes from my conferences and lectures.

Resources For Writing

Write To Expand Your Influence
DTS Women’s Leadership Conference Notes, 2014
Writing is like laying bricks—like masonry. It’s not magic. One is not born with “the gift.” It takes hard work. Most of writing is rewriting.

Magazine Editing 101
I first delivered the “Magazine Editing 101” lecture at the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) national meeting in a workshop for new editors, most of whom had been thrown into their jobs without much formal experience. Later, I expanded it to meet the needs of a group of non-editor writers in the south of France. No matter where writers live, this workshop covers what they need to get started.

From the Editor’s Desk
I’ve spent a couple of decades wearing the magazine editor’s hat. So in “From the Editor’s Desk” I give an insider’s look at how to break into publishing, drawing on examples of what has and has not worked when would-be-writers have approached me to publish their work.

Using Fiction Techniques in Non-Fiction
Narrative non-fiction has nearly replace the old “newspaper” way of telling stories in a pyramid style. In “Using Fiction Techniques in Non-Fiction,” also first delivered as an EPA workshop, I explore how “story” works—from narrative and setting to characterization and plot—and provide examples of how to use story-writing techniques to write better non-fiction.

Increase Your ‘Net Worth: Communicating in a Virtual World
English is the most-used language in the world for people with access to the Internet; it’s the language of science, commerce, diplomacy, and travel. With that in mind, in “Increase Your ’Net Worth,” a message delivered at the DTS 2009 women’s leadership conference, I provide high-tech ways to expand one’s ministry influence by capitalizing on access to the Internet. Audio of this talk available here.

Gender & Faith

Role of Women in Ministry: Marriage
“Submit”—what a loaded word. Yet Jesus did it. And in fact all Christians are to live in submission to the Lord—so submission is a universal human quality. What does it mean to submit as a wife? And perhaps more importantly, what does it not mean?

Women in Leadership: A Summary
What does the Bible teach about women in leadership? These notes include some oft-overlooked observations.

Ephesians 5
A key passage on marriage in the New Testament is Ephesians 5. Based on this pericope, most marriage conferences teach husbands to lead and wives to submit. But “head” is a noun, not a verb, and its counterpart is “body,” not “follow.” The complement to “submit” is not lead, but “agape love.” Once we understand the apostle Paul’s terms, a picture of unity and oneness—not a power picture—emerges.

Conference Notes

Small Town, Big Impact  RHMA Part 1 – OT   RHMA Part 2 – NT
Some of the world’s most influential women came from small towns like Sychar and Nazareth. Here are notes from lectures on four OT and three NT women from small towns I did for RHMA (Rural Home Missionary Association) in Spring 2017.

You Have a Story (also How to Gripe in the Spirit)
My testimony: In this talk I gave at Woman’s World (Manhattan, Kansas, 2015), I tell about how I said, “I’ll Never” seven times, and how I’ve had to eat my words. Also included is a primer on the psalms of lament.

You Belong
Christianity is more than merely “Jesus and me.” When we become his, we also join his family. And we know his family has plenty of dysfunction, because it includes us. In this talk delivered at Woman’s World (Manhattan, Kansas, 2015), I speak about our relationship with God’s people, from one-on-one fellowship to the church across the world.

Women’s Retreat: The Greatest Story Ever Told (includes Esther lecture notes)
Though the retreat title may change a bit from venue to venue, the content is much the same. In “The Greatest Story Ever Told” I explore how our lives on earth are only weavings in a partially completed tapestry. Of course the story doesn’t make total sense—it’s unfinished. In addition to my own story with its tangled knots, I include the “threads” of Rachel and Leah, Esther, the woman Jesus healed of a menstrual issue, and psalms of lament.

DTS: Trendwatch/Minister to the Overworked Smart Girl
At DTS’s Women’s 2006 Leadership Conference, I talked about how to minister to the crazy-busy woman. Not much has changed since then…. Suggestions include modeling quietness, helping her find rhythms of Sabbath, teaching her to pray psalms of lament, and encouraging low-tech communication with God.

Rest and the Christian
Workaholism is often both socially acceptable and applauded. In this message I gave at Woman’s World (Manhattan, Kansas, 2015), I talk about my deliverance from workaholism, along with why and how a person committed to following Christ needs rhythms of rest.

Addressing Bioethics

Bioethics Lecture Notes, DTS Anthropology Class
The Bible takes a high view of life, which has ramifications for humans from fertilization to the grave. In this lecture, delivered approximately once a year in DTS Anthropology classes, I look at the “beginning of life” portion, addressing such issues as contraception, abortion, and stem cell research.

Infertility Seminar Notes
Before the death of my coauthor and co-presenter, Dr. William Cutrer, we conducted infertility conferences for churches and support organizations across the U.S., in Mexico, and in Eastern Europe. Our doctor/patient, male/female approach was designed to provide information and support for patients, counselors, ministry workers, and friends of those experiencing infertility.

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