Women’s History Month

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On the first day of a Women and Revolutions class in my doctoral program, a woman with a master’s in theology gave her “take” on the biblical story of Adam and Eve: she saw it as having a pro-woman message. Another student suggested that such a reading of the biblical text, though laudable, might be a recent invention by modern feminists. Her response revealed a common misconception—that in past centuries the biblical text has been used only to keep women down.

So I searched primary documents to answer the question, “At what point did people begin to believe that the Bible and pro-woman perspectives were compatible?” I stopped looking when I reached the time prior to the printing press, simply because we have few writings of any kind before this time. Especially from women. But A.D. 1400 seemed early enough to me. And in light of March being Women’s History …

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Quoting a Classic

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While we’re on the topic of dead authors, here are some of my favorite quotes from John Steinbeck in East Of Eden:

She must have had a pelvic arch of a whalebone, for she had big children one after the other.

When angered she had a terrible eye which could blanch the skin off a bad child.

He lived in a world shining and fresh and as uninspected as Eden on the sixth day.

“There’s a capacity for appetite,” Samuel said, “that a whole heaven and earth of cake can’t satisfy.”

The thoughts came timidly up to the surface like children who do not know whether they will be received.

Most children abhor difference. They want to look, talk, dress, and act exactly like all of the others. If the style of dress is an absurdity, it is pain and sorrow to a child not to wear that absurdity. …

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Rethinking Women’s History

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As I was driving home from taking a class this week, I gave thanks for the opportunity to get an education. My great-grandmother was not so blessed—because she was a woman.

When I watch “Sense and Sensibility,” I have to remind myself that not so many years ago women were disallowed from inheriting property.

When I voted in the general election last year, I exercised a right that my female ancestors didn’t share (and that women in Iraq are only now beginning to enjoy).

When I worked for an insurance company, I was paid on the basis of my performance, not my gender.

How easy it is to take such blessings for granted. Not so many decades ago, circumstances were much different. And the changes for the better are thanks, in great part, to the Bible….

On the first day of a secular class I took in “Women and Revolutions,” …

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