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Podcast: Hear my thoughts on Artemis of Ephesus

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Recently, Dr. Preston Sprinkle hosted me on his popular “Theology in the Raw” podcast. We talked about my forthcoming book, Nobody’s Mother: Artemis of the Ephesians in Antiquity and the New Testament (IVP Academic), which is about, well, Artemis (the book is due out in October and available now for pre-order). We also talked about Amazon women. And what the apostle Paul means when he talks about a woman/wife being “saved through childbearing.” Plus the probable meaning of those breast-y appendages on the goddess’s front in the Ephesus-specific images of her. Also, hermeneutics and cultural backgrounds. Grab a coffee or sit in the carpool line and have a listen! …

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3 Book Recommendations for Ministry Leaders

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I am here to commend to you three new ministry resources that belong on your reading (or listening) list. All three are available on Audible and read by the authors themselves:

Released this week:

Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church (IVP Academic), by Nijay Gupta

Matthew. Mark. Luke. John. Jesus. Paul. When most of us learn about the early church, we hear stories of prominent men. But ample evidence exists in the New Testament that women were actively involved on the front lines of the gospel mission, too. And not just baking cookies. They were respected leaders. Mary Magdalene supported Jesus and the male disciples from her income (Luke 8:1-2). Nympha led a house church (Col. 4:15). And Phoebe was a deacon and benefactor (Rom. 16:1). 

Northern Seminary New Testament professor Nijay Gupta brings these women—and many …

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Gender and Bible translation

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My former student Rick Hale compared how different Bible translations rendered the word “anthropos” in passages that (a) could reasonably have both men and women in view and (b) are translated with gender inclusive language in the NET Bible. The table provides interpretation of ‘anthropos’ in the specified Bible translations for each passage listed. Click on the link to download the entire PDF. (Works best in Chrome.)

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