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Checking In

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It occurred to me this week that I’d left you, my loyal readers, in the dark on some of the stuff I’ve written and said of late. So in case any of this interests you, here goes—a few links here:

Every year I teach third graders at The Covenant School in Dallas “How to Read an Icon.” I did so again in February. So fun! If you see a guy holding keys, he’s probably Peter. If you see a tall skinny cross held by a solemn-looking person, he or she is probably a martyr. If he’s wearing green, good chance he’s John the Baptist.

A friend created a PDF from one of my blog posts as a visual for my content on seven views on women in ministry leadership within the inerrancy camp (five of them within the Complementarian camp), a topic I presented for Reformed Theological Seminary via Zoom. …

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Why Churches Should NOT Drop Online Services

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So, Tish Harrison Warren has a regular column now in the New York Times. And I subscribed, because I generally like her work. Plus, I love that the Times has a regular columnist who shamelessly adheres to the Apostle’s Creed. But this week, I had serious issues with her words. The title says it all: Why Churches Should Drop Their Online Services

That felt super ableist to me. And the article itself didn’t get any better.

Before I go further, let me back up and remind my readers that an entire section of my web site is devoted to life in the body. I’m all about embodied living. The five senses. In-person gatherings and long conversations over food. True face time over FaceBook FaceTime. So given the choice, I usually opt for real embodied presence vs. Zoom. And yet, I still had serious issues with the piece—so much so …

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