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Nobody’s Mother: We have a book cover and a launch date!

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Today IVP Academic announced we have a launch date: October 10. And a book cover I can finally share for Nobody’s Mother: Artemis of the Ephesians in Antiquity and the New Testament!

Here’s how they describe it:

Some Christians think Paul’s reference to “saved through childbearing” in 1 Timothy 2:15 means that women are slated primarily for delivering and raising children. Alternate readings, however, sometimes fail to build on the best historical and textual evidence.

Sandra Glahn thinks that we have misunderstood Paul by misunderstanding the context to which he wrote. A key to reading and applying 1 Timothy, Glahn argues, lies in getting to know a mysterious figure who haunts the letter: the goddess Artemis.

Based on groundbreaking research and new data about Artemis of the Ephesians, Nobody’s Mother demonstrates how better background information supports faithful interpretation. Combining spiritual autobiography with scholarly exploration, Glahn takes readers on a …

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I’ve Been Talking…

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In the past few months I’ve taped a number of podcasts on a variety of topics. I also did a interview about writing with Christian Authors Network. Have a listen, watch or read. I’d love your feedback.


  1. Gender and Scripture

Beyond Ordinary Women podcast with Claudia McGuire

Available both by podcast and YouTube

2. Sexual Identity and Gender Identity  

Beyond Ordinary Women podcast with Kay Daigle

Available both by podcast and YouTube

3. Rethinking Purity Culture

Honestly Though podcast with Rebecca Carrell

4. On the Virgin Mary

Graced Though podcast with Christian Williams 

5. Leaning into Luke’s Gospel (in conjunction with launching Latte with Luke)

Honestly Though podcast with Rebecca Carrell 

6. The Story of Ancient Christian Art and Women in Ministry

The Alabaster Jar with Lynn Cohick 


with Christian Authors Network about writing. …

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