Thinking about Singles

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According to the North Carolina Family Council, among 30- to 64-year-old Christians, close to 40 percent are single—with that number rising as people age beyond 65. Yet single people often feel invisible within their church communities, which tend to emphasize family life. So how can we be more inclusive?

Mention positive single people as role models. If you’re a speaker or small group leader, include examples of single people. They might be from Bible stories such as Jesus, Daniel and Paul or Mary and Martha. Or they might be from history, such as Fanny Crosby or George Frideric Handel. And while you’re at it, broaden references to men and women’s vocations beyond breadwinning and parenting.

Include single people. Mention them in prayer. Invite them to join you for small-group gatherings such as movie nights, dinner parties and your kids’ soccer games, even when all other adults present are married. Single …

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Book Launch Day

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Today it’s official! The compilation Dr. Gary Barnes and I curated, Sanctified Sexuality: Valuing Sex in an Oversexed World, launches today.

One of my students asked some questions about it, and I thought they—along with the answers—might be of interest to my readers.

Our hope for this book is that it will meet the needs people have for information about how the Scriptures speak to areas of sexual ethics. We also hope it will serve as a guide for how to apply the Bible’s teachings in ways that promote human flourishing. Many of us have heard that the Scriptures are relevant for addressing complex sexual issues such as identity, gender, same-sex attraction, sexual abuse, and how to talk to our youth about sexual ethics; but what does the Bible actually say on these issue—and more? Much of the information on social media is wrong; but even if it’s correct, …

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The Liturgy of Politics

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One of my students at DTS, Kaitlyn Scheiss (“Shess”) is a writer whose posts at Christ and Pop Culture land in the top-traffic spots and whose piece in The NY Times on August 26 explored the fiasco at her alma mater, Liberty University. She has some excellent insights into evangelicals’ divisions, or political messes, and our unique weaknesses—while loving her own people and holding firmly both to the truth and to compassion.

Recently she released a book (officially out today) with IVP titled The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor. And I. Love. This. Book. Scheiss packs a prophetic punch about American evangelicals’ complacency, our ignorance of Scripture, and our cultural conformity. How well she knows us! But rather than leave us despairing, she calls readers to repentance with a vision of hope. Her main argument: We are moving toward a political reality, …

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