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Are Women Worth Less Than Men?

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Do you sometimes read the Bible and get the idea that God views women as having less worth than men? If so, allow me to share with you an email conversation I had today:

Question: As I read some of your blog posts, I notice you are in favor of defining women in a good light from a biblical standpoint. This is an issue I have difficulty with. It seems that sometimes the Bible is slanted toward men being the better sex, (such as the Levitical unleanliness of a female birth lasting longer than a male birth) … but that leaves me wondering why I should be happy to be a woman at all.

Answer: When it comes to the Levitical law about girls being unclean for twice as long as boys, I think you may have a fundamental misunderstanding that is damaging to how you view yourself as a …

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Mothers of Mystery

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I don’t often mention it over here in the blogosphere, but in my other life I have the distinct pleasure of serving as editor in chief of Dallas Seminary’s quarterly magazine, Kindred Spirit. It is available in print format and in an (expanded) online version. Some relatives came from Washington, D.C., to our house for the holidays, oops, I mean for Christmas, and at one point my nephew asked some good questions about male pronouns for God in the Bible. We never got to finish our discussion. But on the topic of the Bible and gender, I think it’s significant that sprinkled among all the long lists of Zerubbabels and Obeds in Jesus’ genealogy, we do find five women. And not just any women. Fascinating women. In the online issue of KS we’ve featured a video clip of one of our grads, an actress, performing a monologue about the …

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True Beauty Is in the Eyelid of the Beholder

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Right there on the AOL news this morning was a headline flashing for all to see: “How did Jessica, Denise and Others Get So Slim and Fit? See Their Secrets.”

Yeah, that story ranked right up there with “Katrina Leaves Dozens Dead.”

Ya think?

Was it just me or have you also noticed that just maybe we have our priorities screwed up?

Want more evidence? Americans spend more than $8 billion annually on cosmetic surgery. But it’s not just this side of the Atlantic where we’re forking over cash. The Scotsman reports that four in ten teenage girls in the UK consider plastic surgery.

And how about this? His-and-hers and mother-daughter treatments are the latest plastic-surgery trends. And people are giving such “treatments” as gifts. (What do you write on the card? “You have too many wrinkles, so here’s help!”?) The average cost of a nose job is about $4,000;

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