Mark Your Calendar

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The greatNT Wright SavetheDateREVred_PC[1] copy theologian N. T. Wright is coming to Dallas this fall, and you’re invited to a free event.

SMU-Perkins is hosting him for “Simply Wright” on the SMU campus November 15–17, and they’ve extended the invitation to friends in the community.

Dr. Wright is professor of NT and Early Christianity at University of St. Andrews, as well as being a prolific author and a retired Anglican bishop. The topic is related to his book, Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good. Go to to sign up as well as receive discussion materials.

The three public evening lectures, Nov 15–17, begin at 7:30 and will take place in this order: 15th in McFarlin Auditorium, 16th and 17th at Highland Park United Methodist Church.…

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Learn to Learn

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I’m now a regular blogger for Geek Embassy. Here’s my latest post, Learn to Learn

Not the “I love you” song but this most often got stuck in my head.

“I love you, you love me….” These lyrics played in my head for years as I worked with one of my clients, the then music producer for Barney and Friends. (Please don’t hold this against me.) I served both as his publicist and as the “studio mom” who booked kid singers for rehearsals and entertained them during breaks. And if I discovered one thing during that gig, it was this: I needed to revise my stereotypical view of home-schooled kids. Maybe some youngsters end up socially inept due to lack of interpersonal contact from learning at home, but I sure didn’t meet any of them. No, I met kids who could commit to acting and singing and creating because …

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My latest novel: Lethal Harvest Remix

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Unknown-1 Sixteen years ago, a couple of wannabe novelists saw stem cell research on the horizon and launched our first narrative that explored the ethical side of such complex medical issues. Completely apart from our planning, the book launch happened the same week leaders at the Human Genome Project announced they had a rough draft of the human genome. And that announcement thrust our subject into the headlines, so books flew off the shelves.

The characters in our story used landlines. And they could receive email only when using desktop computers. No smartphones, no texting. And acting according to what is now outdated medical procedure.

So this month, Lethal Harvest re-released with a makeover. In the 15+ years since we wrote the story, I’ve grown as a writer and spinner of yarns. So when Kregel asked for an update, I jumped at the chance to improve on the dialogue, characterization, and …

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