How I Spent My Winter Vacation

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Are you as glad as I am to have December behind you?

Life got a little crazy in the Glahn household. At the tail end of my shingles episode, I had two weeks of jury duty on top of the usual paper-grading and Christmas shopping. And Gary’s mom fell, so his brother flew down and the two guys had to move her out of her assisted living unit and into a nursing home. She has pneumonia and the flu and fell again this week, so she’s having a rough go.

I got another jury summons this week. Seriously? Can they do that? Yes, they can.

We stayed home for Christmas this year, and enjoyed some much-needed quiet and roast beef at my sister’s. Then on New Year’s Day we took off for five nights in Camp Verde, Arizona, at a cabin with Gary’s dad and brother’s family—complete with crackling fire, …

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