What You Can Learn This Semester

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Monday is the first day students can sign up for spring semester classes at DTS. Here’s what I’m slated to teach:

MW302 – Writing for Publication — How do you get your idea to a broader audience? With the help of Jed, my trusty teaching assistant, I’ll show you. More than half of those with zero publishing experience usually get published before the semester even ends. This class fills fast, so hurry to register. Limited to 12 people.

MW905 – Worship Arts in the Church — Brave the cold traveling to Grand Rapids in January for three days. Attend the Calvin Symposium on Worship, which focuses on integrating the arts into Christian worship. Complete reading, writing, and community assignments (e.g., share a house, discuss theology and the arts). Experience beauty. And boom. Three hours closer to graduation.

MW905 – Calvin Festival: Writing & Writers — Travel to Grand …

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The Beauty of Books

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Why does our society still value books so highly? Why do we love and respect them so? We know why. Tweets and Vines have their place, but a book is a slower and deeper thing. Every book is an invitation to spend meaningful time alone with the person behind it—a storyteller you love, a mind you admire, a member of your family. Once you pick up that book, you have that person’s full attention, for as long as you choose to spend in his or her company. In our distracted world, that’s worth a great deal. —Joel Segel, Publishers Weekly,

“Enduring Value,” Jan 30, 2015…

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