Movie Review: Lars and the Real Girl

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If you wonder why I’m just now getting around to seeing “Lars and the Real Girl,” a 2007 movie, remember—in 2007, I was in the middle of earning a PhD. (When I emerged last year, I asked, “John Wayne died? Really?”)

If you want to see what I consider the ideal faith flick, this comes quite close. The movie is in no way billed as a “faith” film. But the community of faith and the question of what Jesus would do and the cost of love all provide the architecture upon which the screenwriter has built the storyline.

“Lars and Real Girl” features Academy-Award nominated Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom, a kind introvert with some serious emotional baggage. After years of hermit-like living, he orders a life-sized doll, Bianca, off the Internet. But he has no kinky intentions. He believes she’s real.

The day Bianca arrives, he introduces her to …

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Incredibly Close and Extremely Precious

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I returned last night from a quick trip to Oregon. Two weeks ago my mother fell and broke her clavicle and some ribs (like daughter, like mother?). But she also had a head injury that scared the bajeebers out of us. I arrived in Woodburn, Oregon, on
Wednesday, spent Thursday going to three therapy sessions with her, and on Friday was able to be with Dad when we brought her home. Meanwhile my dad’s on at least a one-month break from radiation treatments. How I needed to hug their necks!

I’m one of those blessed people with loving, supportive parents.  And let me tell ya, there’s nothing like hearing your father pray for his beloved of sixty years (they’re less than two months from celebrating their sixtieth). Watching her, with one side out of commission, rubbing moisturizer on his radiation burn—I’ve just witnessed much stronger love than the Hollywood glamour …

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