Dr. William Cutrer and I wrote seven books before his sudden death in July of 2013. Dr. Cutrer was a licensed obstetrician/gynecologist, a certified Christian sex therapist, an expert in reproductive technologies, and an ordained minister. He served as the C. Edwin Gheens Professor of Christian Ministry, and Director, Gheens Center for Family Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in Louisville, Kentucky. He also served on the faculty of The Institute for Sexual Wholeness, staffed the clinic at SBTS, and was at one time the medical director of A Woman’s Choice Clinic. Prior to that, he served as area director for the Christian Medical and Dental Associations in the Southwest.


Forum on Christian Dating
Magnuson, Kenneth; Pierre, Jeremy; Cutrer, William (Bill) (2011–09–27)

A Quieted Soul (Psalm 131)
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2004–02–19)

Panel Discussion: Pornography, A Secret Idol of the Heart
Cutrer, William (Bill); Stinson, Randy; Lambert, Heath (2011–03–24)

How to minister to those struggling with pornography
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2004–0313)

Extreme makeover: Family Building Edition
Cutrer, William (Bill); Glahn, Sandra (2006–03–20)

A Christian response to abortion
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2001–02–24)

Keeper of my soul (Psalm 121)
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2001–11–13)

The process of grief
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2004–11–01)

Issues in pre-marital counseling
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2005–02–14)

Finding God in the Darkness (Psalm 13)
Cutrer, William (Bill) (1999–1104)

Medical introduction to infertility
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2000-04–01)

Gender differences and physiology
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2000–04–01)

Questions about miscarriage; infertility and biblical ethics
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2000–04–01)

Infertility and spiritual discipline
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2000–04–01)

Women’s preventative health care
Cutrer, William (Bill) (2000–04–01)

Examining the impact of a psycho-spiritual educational model of marriage enrichment on seminary couples: A pilot study
Hollis, Kenneth Allen (2003–12–02)


Two Hearts, One Flesh: Rx for Marital Cardiac Asynchrony
Dx: Diagnosis
“Oh, my. I can see that your marriages are in trouble.” I shook my head as I scanned the group of physicians, dentists, and spouses gathered to attend my Medical Marriage workshop at the CMDS National Conference. I explained, “How do I know? Because you married a sinner . . . and so did your spouse.”

The Family – Baptist Faith & Message
The Bible is replete with family imagery as evidenced in the many wonderful verses cited for the Baptist Faith and Message Article 18. We are indeed “brothers and sisters” in Christ, adopted as children by our heavenly Father. The importance of the marriage relationship unfolds symbolically in the Old Testament with God as husband and Israel as wife, and in the New Testament with Jesus as the bridegroom and the church as the radiant bride. Clearly, marriage and family are distinctly theological.

Family Practice: Hope for Medical Marriages
He claims she’s just a “special friend,” but I know better. The goofy eyes, the affectionate glances, her pictures plastered across his truck visor next to the paper heart she made him—my son categorically denying he is in love. Yet he’s smitten, in the eyes of his old dad.

Some Abortion Foes Forgo Politics for Quiet Talk
The New York Times cover story on A Woman’s Choice Clinic in which Dr. Cutrer is quoted (January 16, 2006)