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Why Write?

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Why Write?

Back before I’d ever published anything, I used to think about all the books in the Library of Congress or even just look at all the books on the market. And I’d think, “Do we really need another novel?” “Why yet another book on marriage,” or “Why would someone want to publish another Bible study on Sermon on the Mount?”

What I came to know years later was that each author has a unique perspective on his or her own era. It was said of the men from Issachar that they “understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chron. 12:32).

Each author also has a unique sphere of influence, which provides a platform through which some readers are more apt to hear from that author than from others—even if the others are more eloquent. So, there will always be a need for more books, new …

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Kids’ Book Release Party: You’re invited!

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My friend Angela Henderson is releasing her second children’s book this Friday. If you’re at home with kids or grands, or even if you consider yourself a big kid, join the fun.

Receive a free printable coloring sheet based on characters in her new book when you sign up for Angela’s newsletter.

And JOIN Angela for the launch of Isaac & Izzy’s Tree House, coming out May 15.  She’s doing a Facebook Live Book Party at 2 PM Central that day. 

🎫Please accept the invite and get  Free Tickets to the launch event on FaceBook Live.

When you RSVP, she’ll place your name into a “Wheel of Names” for fun prizes: Krispy Kreme gift card, Chick-fil-a meals, author and illustrator donations, a copy of my book Earl Grey with Ephesians (a little incentive for the grown-ups), and more. She’ll have 15 WINNERS on the 15th. 

So, get your …

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COVID-19: A sign of the last days?

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Image: “State Public Health Laboratory in Exton Tests for COVID-19”
 by Governor Tom Wolfe (CC BY)

The entire world is shut down in various forms. Never since Noah’s flood has the whole globe at one time endured the same catastrophe. So, publishers are seeing a spike in sales of books about the end times. And people are asking: Does COVID-19 signal the end is near?  

As it turns out, before all eyes turned to Wuhan, LifeWay Research already had questions in mind about the last days. So, they surveyed 1,000 people from two groups: evangelical pastors and historically Black denominational pastors. Between January 24 and February 11, 2020, Lifeway asked some questions about these pastors’ perceptions. And the results revealed that even before everyone’s least favorite pandemic, a lot of pastors in the USA felt that current events indicate Jesus’s return is imminent.

  • 88 percent saw at least
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