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Update on My Nephew

By July 6, 2017December 20th, 2017Uncategorized

In early May, Jonathan, my nephew and a busy college student, began feeling tired and congested. He pushed through to make it to classes, work, and AWANA, where he taught children about God’s love. Then a dark spot appeared on one of his front teeth. Exhausted, he slept several days away, and then another dark spot appeared on one of his upper front teeth—but this time, it was accompanied by intense throbbing.

His dentist, who X-rayed his teeth and found everything to be normal, told him to see a doctor immediately. He suspected something immunological, And sure enough, blood tests showed acute leukemia. The physician called Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) and talked to the doctors there, then directed Jonathan and my sister, his mom, to go to the ER immediately. The OHSU team would be waiting.

Jonathan quickly developed pneumonia and was moved to ICU. And we almost lost him.  We prayed a lot.

The OHSU team administered an experimental medication, and his immune system rebounded. He recovered enough to get moved back to a normal hospital room. Then to rehab. Then home for one day for Fourth of July. And possibly discharged this Friday.

Some of my friends have asked if they can do something. And the answer is yes. My friend Julie is running the New York Marathon with Jonathan’s name on her jersey, and she is doing so to help raise funds for leukemia research through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They do research on stuff like experimental medication that is saving lives.

Jonathan has a long way to go. He needs more chemo. But first he must gain back the forty pounds he lost. Thanks to my friends who have supported us and prayed. Would you consider making a donation of even just five bucks? And keep praying! Thanks.


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