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The True Beauty of Women

By July 31, 2017December 20th, 2017Beauty, Life In The Body, Women

Whatever is true…think on these things.

The Thai branch of a Japanese lingerie company, Wacoal, doesn’t feature scantily clad models in their ads. Instead, they tell true stories with life-affirming messages that everyone can watch and appreciate. The ads emphasize women’s true beauty. And the men in the stories are the kind of guys who appreciate goodness, and are not necessarily sexually involved with the women whom they admire and whose stories they tell. Check out the “My Beautiful Woman” ad campaign.

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  • Diane J McDougall says:

    Beautiful. I’ve only watched one so far but was struck by how the husband seemed to leave the choice (mostly? completely?) in his wife’s hands. Even as he described the pregnancy in the beginning, he talked about how “she” got pregnant, when in the U.S. we often hear how “we” got pregnant. Just an observation that stood out to me and I wondered about cultural implications?

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