Sampling of Book Titles Inspired by Bible Verses

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My dissertation supervisor told me that the Bible and Shakespeare were the two most-used sources for book titles. How many of these biblical phrases do you recognize?

Absalom, Absalom!                William Faulkner        2 Samuel 19:4

An Acceptable Time               Madeleine L’Engle      Psalms 66:13

A Time to Kill                         John Grisham            Ecclesiastes 3:3

Behold the Man                      Michael Moorcock       John 19:5

Butter In a Lordly Dish            Agatha Christie        Judges 5:25

I Sat Down and Wept             Elizabeth Smart          Psalm 137:1

Clouds of Witness                   Dorothy L. Sayers        Hebrews 12:1

Consider the Lilies                  Iain Crichton Smith    Matthew 6:28

East of Eden                            John Steinbeck            Genesis 4:16

Fear and Trembling              Søren Kierkegaard    Philippians 2:12

The Golden Bowl                    Henry James                Ecclesiastes 12:6

The House of Mirth                 Edith Wharton             Ecclesiastes 7:4

I Will Fear No Evil                   Robert A. Heinlein      Psalms 23:4

If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem    William Faulkner        Psalms 137:5

In a Glass Darkly                     Sheridan Le Fanu        I Corinthians 13:12

Jacob Have I Loved                  Katherine Paterson     Romans 9:13

The Last Enemy                      Richard Hillary             I Corinthians 15:26

Lilies of the Field                    William E.  Barrett     Matthew 6:28

The Little Foxes                      Lillian Hellman            Song of Songs 2:15

Many Waters                          Madeleine L’Engle      Song of Songs 8:7

The Millstone                          Margaret Drabble       Matthew 18:6

Moab Is My Washpot             Stephen Fry                 Psalms 60:8

The Moon by Night                 Madeleine L’Engle      Psalms 121:6

The Needle’s Eye                    Margaret Drabble       Matthew 19:24

Noli Me Tangere                     José Rizal                    John 20:17

Number the Stars                   Lois Lowry                   Psalms 147:4

Quo Vadis                              Henryk Sienkiewicz     John 13:36 (Vulgate translation)

A Scanner Darkly                     Philip K. Dick               I Corinthians 13:12

Stranger in a Strange Land     Robert A. Heinlein      Exodus 2:22

The Sun Also Rises                 Ernest Hemingway     Ecclesiastes 1:5

The Violent Bear It Away       Flannery O’Connor      Matthew 11:12 (Douay translation)

The Way of All Flesh              Samuel Butler             Joshua 23:14 (Wesley’s notes translation)

The Wealth of Nations           Adam Smith                Isaiah 61:6

The Wings of the Dove           Henry James               Psalms 55:6

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