How to Write a Book Proposal

By June 9, 2015Writing

Unknown-2Your novel is ready to go. Your nonfiction book is fleshed out. Now what?

My agent, Chip MacGregor, has a brand new book releasing to help writers who are trying to create the best book proposal possible. Step by Step Pitches and Proposals: A Workbook for Writers is the new book from Chip and longtime editor Holly Lorenz.

This book uses clear, detailed explanations, work-sheets, and annotated examples to walk readers step-by-step through the following: industry terminology, querying, pitching, creating a proposal, and formatting the whole thing. You’ll find helpful information about what to say, who and when to query, and how to find contacts. Suggestions on how to create a pitch are offered, along with sample pitches, as well as advice from a speaking professional on how to deal with a face-to-face pitch.

Inside, you’ll find detailed instructions for building professional, industry-standard proposals, both fiction and nonfiction, using plenty of examples and multiple samples of successful, real proposals. In fact, that’s one of the things that sets this apart from other books on proposals—Chip and Holly went back to authors whose books Chip had sold and asked their permission to use the proposals.  So the text offers real-world examples of proposals from books that actually sold in the market, including a couple bestselling books. There are also worksheets available in each section which readers have found extremely useful, walking the writer through their own material. There is even a section on how to format a manuscript before attaching it to a proposal.

You can order print and Kindle copies.




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