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Bioethics in the News

By September 27, 2013March 13th, 2015Uncategorized

Most of these news items are adapted from a list provided weekly by the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity: 

Offsprings’ rights: The neglected factor in third-party reproduction. If you read nothing else on the following list, read this powerful piece titled “What Are the Rights of
Donor-Conceived People?” It looks at third-party reproduction from the
perspective of a donor-conceived person. (The Public Discourse)

Killer foot cream. 
A common nail fungus drug is eradicating HIV. And the virus isn’t
bouncing back when the drug is withheld. So it may not require a lifetime of
use to keep HIV at bay. This is great news, people! (Scientific

Should surrogacy qualify one for
maternity leave?
An Irish
teacher claims she was denied unfairly her paid
adoption or maternity leave following the birth of her child via a surrogate.
The court was to decide on that one today. (Irish Times)

A brain controls a bionic leg. A team of software and biomedical engineers, neuroscientists,
surgeons and prosthetists has designed a prosthetic limb that can reproduce a
full repertoire of ambulatory tricks by communicating seamlessly with a human
brain. (Los Angeles

SARS doctor pleads for assisted suicide.
The infectious disease doc who helped Toronto through the SARS
crisis ten years ago made a video before his death pleading for Canada to
legalize assisted. (The Chronicle

Number of Dutch killed by physician
assisted suicide rises by 13 per cent.

euthanasia, where a doctor is present while a patient kills him- or herself (usually
by drinking a strong barbiturate potion) has been legal in the Netherlands for
eleven years. Requests have risen steadily since then. (The Telegraph)

Cancer: More Good news.  National Cancer
Institute statistics show that in the U.S. an overall five-year cancer survival
rate for children under 19 with cancer has increased from 62 percent in the
mid-1970s to 84 percent today. For the most common type of childhood cancer,
acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the cure rate is now over 90 percent. Woohoo! (ABC News)

Gene therapy offers hope for
patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
say the technique or related ones might also point the way to treatments for
other inherited diseases, including Huntington’s. (New York Times)

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